Monday, April 09, 2007


Hello everyone!

So March went buy so quickly! We are now in Canada and are leaving for Paris tonight to start our four month tour of France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Morocco.
so our last month in Japan was amazing and very sad, it was very hard to say goodbye to all of our friends and students and we will miss everyone very much and look forward to seeing you all in Canada or some other part of the world! Although we didn't travel anywhere in March, other than a quick trip to Tokyo, there were a lot of karaoke parties and a lot of eating and drinking which makes for good pictures :) and great memories.

Our two weeks in Canada was great, after an excrutiating 30 hour trip from the time we left our apartment in Japan to the time we cleared customs in Canada, we tied up some loose ends in Calgary for a day and then drove to BC to see my mom, sister, Phil and the newest addition to our family my sister's baby Olivia! She is a very happy baby who loves to smile and very aware that she is so cute and almost never cries - my sister is very lucky. And after we were blessed with good weather in BC four 3 days, on the drive home it started to snow and continued to snow in both Edmonton and Calgary for the next week - NON-STOP! We spent some time in Edmonton visting friends and family and Denis was introduced to his brother's Nintendo Wii...he was a little additiced to bowling of all things but that will have to wait. Then we came back to Calgary and ate and ate and ate...I discovered our lives in Calgary revolve around food and since I couldn't drink because I had to take some meds to clear and infection I realized how much I normally drink too, sometimes in the middle of the day or even before then :) So I was the DD by default and Denis fully took advantage of it...but I traded not drinking wine in Canada for drinking in France so I think it will be a good trade. We had our fill of Tim Hortons, well Denis is sick of it but I am still going strong with one or two X-Large steeped tea double-doubles!

So thank you to everyone who hosted us back in Canada and to everyone who spared some time out of there busy schedule to make us feel special! And thank you to everyone who made us feel so at home in Japan - keep in touch!

GARY, RAY, SVEN, buggers better email us - we miss you terribly! Take care of each other!

So we are off to France and I hope that I can keep up on the blog...I promise to return emails though so tell us what is happening in your lives! Happy Easter everyone!

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